Tax and Accounting Advice


Professional advice to all areas of expertise

Tax and Accounting Advice

A professional tax advice covering all areas, especially in terms of VAT and Company tax, is the solution we propose to our clients in order to comply with their tax obligations before the Inland Revenue.

We count on a specialized tax methodology and so, we propose customized solutions to each specific case.

We plan, prepare and file both direct and indirect taxes on behalf of both companies and self-employed in due form and time, such as VAT, Property Transfer Tax, Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Our proactive tax advice is devoted to better prepare your year end.

Our proactive approach means that we go beyond complying with the legislation. In addition, we check those tax policies applicable to our clients for the purposes of detecting potential weaknesses and opportunities to better advise and prepare businesses’ year end.

We assist companies during Tax Audits carried out by the Inland Revenue or to prepare appeals before the courthouse.

Besides, our law and advisory firm follows a working methodology technically known as cost or analytic accounting, which implies a more advanced accounting management using a greater amount of operating information than the ordinary financial accounting.

It allows us to internally analyse company profitability by area.


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