Start-up Lawyers


Lawyers specialized in advisory services to start-ups


We have been providing advisory services to some national leading start-ups during more than 20 years of legal experience.

Our objective is to be the reference firm to provide legal, financial and tax services to technological startups and highly innovative business. When we are working at the client, we behave like one of them rather than like an external consultant,

while covering and getting involved in all start-up-related areas such as commercial law, intellectual property, ICT, tax, labour, financial, due diligence, prevention of company disputes and out-of-court agreements.

We count on a wide experience in providing the necessary legal advice to draft shareholders’ agreements, to be Secretaries of Board of Directors of companies and to draft business plans and to raise finance at different company growth stages.

We go the extra mile by adapting our fees to clients’ needs.


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